Check back here for information and updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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•Hair stylist will not attend work if showing signs of COVID-19. Clients will not enter salon if showing signs of COVID-19.

•Medical grade face masks will be worn by both the hair stylist and all clients, at all times.

•Clients should arrive with washed, clean hair as this will allow for a wet down and not a shampoo at the sink to insure that stylist is not directly over the clients face longer than necessary.

•The hair stylist will sanitize or wash hands prior to client's arrival.

•Clients will be taken directly to the shampoo sink, to wash their hands with soap and water immediately upon arrival.

•All supplies brought to the salon will be sanitized (using Lysol wipes and/or disinfectant solution).

The hair stylist will ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting of sink area before and after each use.

•Disposable tools will be used whenever possible, as recommended.

•Capes will be changed after each client.

•All solid laundry must be kept in a covered basket until laundered and washed.

•Covered waste cans must be used for disposal of waste materials.

•Covered containers will be used to store clean and dirty tools.

•The hair stylist will clean the chair and work station between clients.

All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected using Lysol wipes and/or disinfectant solution. All tools will also be sanitized after each use.

•Hand sanitizer must be available.

•Only one client may be in the salon at a time.

•A client registry (name, date and time) of each appointment will be kept.

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• Outdoor Visits – outdoor visits are now expanded to three visitors at a time. The announcement was that we could increase to 5 visitors (up from 2) at a time, however we are unable due to our capacity. Screening protocol and safety protocol remains in place; and masks must continue to be worn by all visitors. Social distancing must be maintained throughout the visit.

• Treats - visitors can now bring a treat (takeout/homemade) for the resident, to be enjoyed during the visit (hand hygiene to be performed before and after). The treat cannot be brought into the facility.

• Limited Physical Contact during the outdoor visits - visitors and residents can now have a brief physical contact at the beginning/end of their visit (a quick hug). A medical mask must be worn by the resident during this contact. Once the contact has happened, social distancing is to resume.

• Gathering Size – the gathering size of our internal facility operations has increased from 5 to 10 people, including residents and staff. This will allow for more normalcy at meal times, activities and socialization. Visitors are not yet able to attend any of these gatherings.

• Hair Salons – licensed hair stylists may resume in salons in long term care facilities, following protocol as per the Cosmetology Association. A written plan must be in place. This plan is currently being developed and the salon will be re-opening in the very near future.

• Bus Trips – bus trips for sightseeing trips can now take place (not able to get off the bus during the trip). These trips can be for up to 10 people including residents, staff and the driver. The residents should be from the same groupings. We will be staring bus trips as soon as our resources allow.

Please note: NQNH will not be offering indoor visits at this time.

We will continue to assess and further expand the easing as we feel appropriate and have the resources and capabilities to do so. While we are eager to provide the much needed opportunities for our residents and their families, we need to be assured that everyone’s safety is maintained.


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First and foremost, we are pleased to announce that our visits are moving indoors. We enjoyed the outdoor visits as long as Mother Nature would permit, but with the cooler and shorter days it is no longer ideal. Effective Wednesday September 23, all visits will be inside. Please note the following requirements for the indoor visits, as per the Long Term Care directives set out that facilities must follow:

  • All visits must be by pre-arranged appointment
  • Only one visitor at a time can be permitted for indoor visits
  • Visitor and resident must wear a medical mask throughout the visit
  • Social distancing of 2m/6ft must be maintained throughout the visit
  • Brief contact can take place (a quick hug), then social distancing must continue
  • Hands must be sanitized before and after the contact, for both visitor and resident
  • All visits must be monitored by staff
  • Visits are to take place in a designated area
  • Active screening and logging of visitors will continue
  • A list of visitors for each resident must be prepared between the resident and/or the Substitute Decision Maker, to be maintained on file at the facility. Only people identified on the list are permitted to visit.

We have prepared the multi-purpose room for our indoor visits. This is the room immediately to the left once you enter the facility. This room will allow for distancing, yet provide privacy and ease of sanitizing between visits. When you arrive for your visit, please wait in your vehicle until your scheduled appointment time, and then proceed to the front entrance.  A staff member will greet you at the entrance, and complete the screening. Please continue to call 902-682-2553 ext 235 to arrange your visiting appointments. We have a schedule prepared that provides for a combination of day, evening and some weekend appointment times.

The Department of Health has also recently announced that long term care facilities can allow Designated Caregivers for residents. A Designated Caregiver is a designated family member or support person who has a previously established pattern of involvement in the facility in providing care and support to the resident (prior to Covid). The role of the Designated Caregiver visit is to support the resident with tasks such as feeding, mobility, personal care, communication and emotional support. A resident may have a maximum of two Designated Caregivers, however, only one can visit at a time. Specific training and education must be provided by the facility. If you are interested and meet the criteria, please contact me to discuss further.

Window visits are still an option - please remember to call to make arrangements so we are prepared.

There was a further announcement just today the Long Term Care facilities will be able to support community visits for residents, starting as early as September 28. We have just received this information and will be working through the details – further information and details will be provided in the coming days.